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[BCC 050] How To Create A Six-Figure Creative Business

published9 months ago
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I'm Back!

After taking way too many weeks off from this newsletter, I'm back, with tons of exciting news to share that will help you reach your goal of building the creative business you've always envisioned.

First up, a new summary post that covers the principles and frameworks that I detail in the book, for those of you that haven't read the chapters yet:

As to why I would write a summary page like this, it's because I needed a "softer landing" for people who were just discovering me and the book than directing them straight to the book page. This is a much smaller commitment, and a nicer entry point for the new people checking out my writing.

Now, with that said....

drumroll please.........

I'm finally ready to announce a launch date for the book!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 12, 2022!

That's the day that the edited, revised, updated version of the book will be available for purchase.

But, since you're here, reading this right now, you're early.

And people that are early should be treated accordingly.

The crazy, no-brainer offer that I came up with for the early fans and readers includes:

  • Early access to the manuscript
  • A signed, numbered hardback copy of the book
  • All digital copies of the book (pdf, epub, mobi, audio)
  • A 1-year membership to the Society of Independent Creators (keep reading...)
  • A complimentary, 1-hour creative strategy call with me

Now, if I were to add up what all of that would cost, you'd be looking at over $500...

So, naturally, I priced it at 1/10th the cost.

If you want the book, if you want to join the Craftsman Creative community as a member, if you want an amazing strategy call with me to talk about YOUR business, then get it now.

There are only 50 early access memberships available, and 9 are already taken as of this email.

And regardless of how many spots get taken, that offer goes away on April 12th when the book is launched.

I know, it's bonkers. But that's how grateful I am that you're reading this right now.

WTF is the SOIC?

The Society of Independent Creators is what I've named the Craftsman Creative membership site / community.

I don't have time right now to cover the grand, 10+ year vision I have for this incredible group of people, but it involves education and training, connection, accountability, collaboration, and investment.

I've got more to announce in the weeks ahead, so be sure to look for this newsletter every Monday with updates and new principles and frameworks to help you grow your business.

See you next week!