[BCC 053] The ONE THING Creators Need To Grow Their Business

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Today - a new blog post for you, two new podcasts, and an update after 1 week of book sales!

This week's article: The One Thing Creators Need To Grow Their Business

Here's the post on the blog: https://blog.craftsmancreative.co/what-artists-need-to-do-to-grow-their-businesses/

Excited about this one for two reasons.

1. Things are starting to grow as I've been employing this SEO strategy over the last few months, starting with the book and now with my weekly posts. I'm getting ~30 visits per week from google organic search, and I only expect that to grow from here.

2. This is the second part of a journey I'm crafting for new visitors to my site. I drive a lot of traffic to this page: https://blog.craftsmancreative.co/how-to-create-a-six-figure-creative-business/

Reason being that most people aren't ready to buy my book the first time they visit my site after just learning about me or searching for something.

Most people need more context, and more time. So I'm giving it to them through these posts and linking to even more value and more value before getting them on the email list, and then - only after they have expressed interest - will I put an offer in front of them.

New podcasts with Arvid Kahl and

I've been having a ton of fun with my weekly conversations on Twitter Spaces. I use these as a way to do a "live podcast recording", which involves some Q&A from the people that attend.

Most of my podcasts get 20-30 downloads, but these twitter spaces are getting 100-150 attendees each week, so it's a smart strategy for growth, plus I gain 20+ new Twitter followers every week with them.

Here's the two most recent conversations with two amazing creator friends that I've met over the last year:

How To Grow Your Audience Through Books & Courses with Arvid Kahl

How To Grow Your Business Through Twitter with Dagobert Renouf

An Update On My Book Launch - 1 Week In

Wanted to give a more detailed update on the book launch to date, including all presales and ancillary sales (coaching, consulting, community early access, etc.)

Here's the breakdown 7 days after my book launch:

Book Sales: $612.40

Early Access: $900

Coaching: $1,000

Consulting: $12,000

A few weeks ago I wrote the "$25,000 launch playbook" and showed how even if you didn't sell a lot of books you could still use the book to make a lot of money because of all of the things that come from writing and publishing a book in public.

One week in from the official book launch and - including presales and ancillary income - I'm well over halfway there.

What's more, I love April Dunford's mindset regarding a launch:

Launch isn't a day, it's a year. You need your book to sell every single day.

I've had this same approach to my launch. It's just the beginning, and I'm going to be marketing this book for at least a year.

That's it for this week! Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being here!

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