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Happy Monday!

After too many weeks of travel, I'm finally home for a while!

This week I've got some fun links for you plus a review of the Creator Economy Expo that I was lucky to attend last week in Phoenix!

My Review of the Creator Economy Expo (CEX)

Wow wow wow. What an event.

The tl;dr is that you should come join us next year, because I certainly will be there.

Here's what you missed, and why it was such a special event:


NFTs for Creators

One thing that became apparent at the event as well as over the last few weeks is that, given the choice between a social token/creator coin and NFTs, especially for creators with smaller platforms, NFTs allow for more flexibility, more revenue, and more upside for everyone involved.

Curious about web3 and NFTs? Here's a primer at web3forcreators.com

I've been waiting to announce a new NFT collection related to my book launch.

If you didn't already see, anyone who purchased two copies of the book could mint a limited, "First Edition" NFT.

So far there have been 8 NFTs minted out of 1000, and that is super inspiring to me. I didn't think anyone in my audience was into NFTs yet, so to see that early movement toward web3 is very cool.

But, what's next? How to use NFTs to give more value and get more revenue for my creative business?

Well, glad you asked.

Throughout the week I'll be launching a new NFT collection called Future Creators. They were designed by my three boys, they have some fun "utility" added to them, and they will be available to you first since you're a subscriber to this newsletter.

You can see what the fuss is all about on Opensea, and if you're interested in snagging one before they go on sale this week, just hit reply and let me know.

THREE New Courses on Craftsman Creative

I've been a little quiet on the course production side of things the last year, but I was able to film two courses in March with my friends Doris and Telisa in Toronto, and then my friend Hayley Barry came out with yet another course on the site.

All three teach different aspects of hand-lettering, and you can check them out on craftsmancreative.co

Also, since I've written a book by the same name and am starting to own the brand Craftsman Creative, I need to find a new name for the online courses I produce for other creators, and move all of that to a new site.

So, what would you call a site that produces courses for creators by creators?

Hit reply and let me know!


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