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Simplifying today, thanks to a few friends - Justin and Josh, thank you both.

I've got a few things for you today!


New Blog Post:

While location scouting in South Africa for a movie the last five days, I shared with the director a principle that I use for making big creative decisions for myself and my business.

It will help you as well:



A Newsletter I Read Every Day

Josh Spector is a friend I've met through Twitter over the last few months, who publishes one of the few newsletters I allow in my inbox, and read daily.

​For The Interested is a killer newsletter filled with tactical advice for creators to help them grow ther business, market their company, and do better work.

It's short, actionable, and read by over 18,000 people, myself included.


CEX is next week!

If you haven't seen info about the Creator Economy Expo taking place in Phoenix, AZ next week, you should really check it out.

I've never seen a more targeted event for creators aspiring to become creative business owners.

You can learn more at this link and get $150 at this link:



Thanks for reading, hoping that the new layout is a bit easier on the eyes and the simplicity allows the ideas and principles to take center stage going forward.



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